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Check out our running list of Open Shows and other activities. This is not a collective list, but they are the ones we have received information about. We will update this as we get information.
Family Bonding in the Great Outdoors
Do you want to get outdoors as a family but feel like you don't have the answers to all of the questions your children might ask? Are you a grandparent that would love to spend time in nature with your grandchild but worry that it is too dirty or dangerous for them? Bring the whole family on July 8 to Spring Mill State Park for "Discover Nature's Playground: Family Nature Workshop," & learn activities to feel comfortable in the outdoors together!
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Interested in becoming a Master Gardener, but still have questions like: What is the Purdue Master Gardener Course? Where will the class be held? When is the class going to be offered? How much does the course cost? What are the topics that will be covered? Who will be teaching? How do you register and sign-up? How will this course benefit you? Well, do we have an opportunity for you!
Grazing 102
What is Grazing 102? What will be discussed at Grazing 102? What is the location? What time is the program? How about the cost? EXCELLENT questions on for more information on this exciting opportunity!!
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Indiana BOAH
Avian Influenza: What Poultry Owners Need To Know Now: What is avian influenza? Signs of highly pathogenic avian influenza? Who to call if you suspect your poultry may have HPAI? Biosecurity? Who does one contact?
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Did you attend the Children & Nature Network International Conference & Summit? Were you looking for more info from The Nature of Teaching? Here are your docs!

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