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Want information about what is going on in Lawrence County 4-H? Check out the latest newsletter!
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The 2016 Area 2 4-H Camp will be held June 3-5 at Country Lake Retreat Center in Underwood, Indiana. Fill out the attached form and return it to the Extension Office to sign up, TODAY!
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We know you have talent, and we want to see it! All 2016 Lawrence County 4-H members are invited to participate in the 4-H Performing Arts Contest. Grab your talent, your club, or another group of 4-H members and show us what you have.
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This is a listing of the 4-H Clubs, leaders and where their meetings are usually located. A 4-H'er may be a member of more than one club.
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Check out our running list of Open Shows and other activities. This is not a collective list, but they are the ones we have received information about. We will update this as we get information.
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See the 2016 Lawrence County 4-H Handbook for all exhibit requirements and guidelines!
Where Does Your Money Go?
Lawrence County residents have expressed on many occasions and to many different entities that Money/Budget Management and Drug & Substance Abuse are two of the highest needs in the area. Purdue Extension-Lawrence County is partnering with a local social service agency to help constituents gain the knowledge and skills to combat these growing problems.

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