Commercial Growers
Purdue Extension-Lake County invites you to our first ever Fruit Growers Meeting. You are invited to attend this meeting focusing on fruit production that offers Private Applicator Re-certification Program (PARP) credits. Topics of discussion include blueberries, apples, and peaches.
Getting local and fresh food have some homeowners desiring to grow their own produce.
Rose Slug Leaves
Are your roses getting brown patches in them already? Don't reach for the pesticide to control Japanese Beetles as they are not to blame...yet!
Master Gardeners do a lot across the state of Indiana through the State Master Gardener Program. One of Lake County's Master Gardeners was spotlighted recently.
Do you need to get your soil tested for nutrient levels or potential contaminates? There are a variety of resources out there and opportunities to get this done.
There are usually many dates throughout the year for Lake County Farmers to get credits towards the pesticide licenses. See the full article for dates of the common program that occur every year.

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