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There is a great opportunity for college students opening up if you are interested in a paid internship opportunity working on a vegetable farm in Lake County!
Purdue Extension-Lake County invites you to our first ever Fruit Growers Meeting. You are invited to attend this meeting focusing on fruit production that offers Private Applicator Re-certification Program (PARP) credits. Topics of discussion include blueberries, apples, and peaches.
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The Lake County Indiana Master Gardener Association is providing scholarships to undergraduate college/university students from Lake County, Indiana majoring in Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Forestry, Botany (Horticulture Equivalent), Plant Pathology, Agricultural Education, and Entomology. Other majors that benefit consumer gardening may be considered if the applicant provides a one paragraph description of how they will use their major to promote the objectives.
Horse & Pony Lake County
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Own horses and want to show? Or maybe you do not have a horse but are interested. Try the horse and pony project!
Dairy Goat
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Interested in goats or own goats? Join the goat project. We are not kidding around!
Vet Science
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Learn what it takes to be a vet or vet tech with the veterinary science project!
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Curious How Rabbits Air-Condition Themselves? Join the 4-H Rabbit project!

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