4-H Dog Show
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Join Lake County's 4-H Dog Project! Open to all 4-H members in grades 3-12.
Horse & Pony Lake County
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Own horses and want to show? Or maybe you do not have a horse but are interested. Try the Horse and Pony project!
Demo & Public Speaking
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All 4-H members are invited to participate in the annual Demonstration & Public Speaking Contest. Please Join the FUN!!
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See what our volunteer committees have been up to!
Madam Carroll 2013
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Want to meet Junior Leaders from all over Indiana? If so, sign up for this year's great day at Indiana Beach followed by a Dance on the Madam Carroll boat, Monticello. To sign up, you need to turn in your completed permission slip (see below) to the 4-H Department by May 27th. All enrolled Junior Leaders are invited!!!
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Exciting opportunities for older 4-H members!

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