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Master Gardener Minors Certification

March 2, 2018

To make volunteers aware of best practices around minors, Purdue has a brief document that any Lake County Master Gardener is strongly encouraged to review. This is REQUIRED for any volunteer who has direct contact with youth at events like Ag Awareness, Junior Master Gardener programs, or school programs, and is recommended for all Master Gardeners. Going through this brief certification will ensure your participation in any event where children are present. The process takes an average of 15 minutes to complete.

Please go to: and download the document hyperlinked after the first brown box. Then answer the questions on that page and the rest of the questions that ensue regarding the document. If you answer a question wrong, it will highlight that question in red so you know what question(s) to fix. If you have questions, please talk to Nikky.

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