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GMO's: Marvel or Malady

February 13, 2017

GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) have been around for many years. However, the general public has misconceptions about what they are or what they are not. They don't realize that even broccoli has been changed by people over time to come from the same plant as brussel sprouts and cabbage for example.

Dr. Goldsbrough was lined up to give a presentation to the general public to de-mystify what they are. He was called up to discuss how we use them and how they have helped and how they have not worked as well as hoped as well.

54 individuals attended the program. There was a general feel at first of tension in the room before a calming of realization to how far they can extend. The biggest question that also kept arising was about pollinators, which is spurring an effort to involve another presentation on them as well. From the presentation, 62% of individuals that responded noted they would make a change of behavior or belief from the program with another 8% that were unsure. Some of the changes: "not spend so much on non GMO", "make choices based on facts", "Eat GMO products", "not be so negative about it", and  (I think the best) "(I will)  share GMO info with others." When asked what stood out the most, comments were "people are against without really understanding", "how this differs from developing hybrids", "herbicides weren't causing algea blooms", "made GMO's very interesting", "not dangerous", and "(the presentation) was factual" and "easy to understand".

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