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4-H Entomology Project

December 5, 2019

There are more kinds of insects in the world than all other organisms combined. They live on the earth's surface, in the soil, and in water. Insects live in deserts, rain forests, hot springs, snow fields, and dark caves. This project will help you study insects and their relationship with people. You can also learn how to collect, preserve, and identify insects.

Level 1 (grades 3-5)

Level 2 (grades 6-8)

Level 3 (grades 9-12)




State 4-H Entomology Website

Entomology: Level I

Entomology: Level II

Entomology: Level III

***Manual can be purchased at the Education Store or the Lake County Extension office

Record sheet must be completed also

Record Sheets

Scorecards can be found on the state website link above

Visit the state website for more form information through the link above

Insect Flash Cards

How to Study, Collect, Preserve and Identify Insects

Standard Insect Box

Standard Insect Kit: 100 Pins & 3 Vials


Interested in sponsoring a trophy or award for this project? Please contact the project superintendent or Extension Office at 219-755-3240 to learn more!

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