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4-H Collections Project

October 23, 2019

Why do people collect things? In this project activity guide find out the kinds of things people collect, explore some special kinds of collections, and discover how to start a collection of your own.

Level A (grades 3-4)

Level B (grades 5-6)

Level C (grades 7-9)

Level D (grades 10-12)





No manual; however, a Lake County record sheet must be completed (attached below)

**Only a Lake County Record Sheet is needed**

General Exhibit Requirements

Record Sheet Required (No Manual)

  1. Exhibits three pieces of the collection and a 3-ring binder notebook. It is expected that the pieces shown will be different each year.
  2. Protected exhibit space is limited. If collection is valuable, pieces may be taken home but the notebook must remain for display. Exhibits larger than 14" X 22" may be sent home after judging.
  3. Leaves, insects, and rocks are not to be exhibited in the Collections project (see Forestry, Entomology, or Geology projects). Lego collections are permitted if none of the pieces are entered in the Lego project as an exhibit.
  4. Notebook (3-ring binder) requirements: a story and pictures and a "collection record." Add new information about new pieces to front of the notebook each year to show the growth of collection. For Levels B-D, stories should be more detailed and informative than in previous levels. Pictures should have important information below each photo - name or description of article, date of purchase, approximate cost or value, and location of purchase or find.


Interested in sponsoring a trophy or award for this project? Please contact the project superintendent or Extension Office at 219-755-3240 to learn more!

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