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4-H Arts & Crafts: Wreaths Project

October 23, 2019

The Arts and Crafts 4-H project allows youth to learn life skills and grow in project knowledge while expressing creativity in a variety of mediums. Try using different mediums to make a really neat wreath. Let your creativity take charge and get involved with the wreath project. Make one for your favorite season or favorite sports team! 

Level A (grades 3-4)

Level B (grades 5-6)

Level C (grades 7-9)

Level D (grades 10-12)




No manual required; however, you must complete a Lake County record sheet (attached below)

**Only a Lake County Record Sheet is needed**

General Exhibit Requirements


Arts & Crafts Record Sheet Required (No Manual)

  1. Exhibit a wreath of any shape (circle, star, heart, etc.). Wreath should be a maximum of 36 inches in one given direction.
  2. Item must be ready to hang by a suitable secured hanger such as wire, pop tab, etc.
  3. Items to use for wreath include craft materials, artificial flowers, fabrics, tole pieces, dried fruits, raffia, pine cones, grape vines, cornhusks, etc. unless otherwise specified.
  4. No fresh or dried flowers (baby's breath, statice, mosses, raffia, etc.) are to be used except for backfill.
  5. Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion may be selected for State Fair entry (Crafts).

Level A (grades 3-4)

Construct a simple wreath using a purchased base.

Level B (grades 5-6)

Construct a wreath with a bow that illustrates a specific season (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) with appropriate colors and flowers recognized for that season or a holiday theme (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.). Purchased base is acceptable. A bow is required.

Level C (grades 7-9)

Construct a non-traditional wreath. The wreath will be judged on creativity. Base must support materials used. Suggestions of materials: crayons, shells, rocks, paper, candy, etc. No artificial flowers should be used but greenery is acceptable.

Level D (grades 10-12)

Construct a wreath that is made using reused, repurposed or handmade items. The base may be purchased or handmade by the 4-H member. At least 50% of decorations on wreath must be made or transformed by member. Suggestions include flowers made of paper, painted items, homemade ornaments, dried fruit, etc. The record sheet should describe how the items were made (using keywords like cut, wrapped, transformed etc.) A photo of the member making the base or ornamentation may be attached to the record sheet. Creativity and degree of difficulty above the previous year are encouraged.


Interested in sponsoring a trophy or award for this project? Please contact the project superintendent or Extension Office at 219-755-3240 to learn more!

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