4-H Project Record Sheet

A key component of every 4-H project is the project record.  These records provide content information, guide members through learning activities, and allow members to record and reflect on what they have done. 

Records are required for project completion and to be eligible for project judging.  See the 4-H Handbooks for due dates. 

Project records come in different forms to suit different needs, and this can be confusing at first.  The 4-H Handbook explains what records are required for each project.  Some projects use "project manuals" that can be purchased through the Extension Office.  Generally, these manuals are used for more than one year in the project, with members completing three activities each year. Other projects use "record sheets" that are available online.  Some materials may be available in other formats, such as e-publications and phone apps. 

Ordering Project Materials

For your convenience, the Lake County 4-H Publication Guide (see .pdf file below or get a hard copy from your club leader) lists all materials according to project. The Order Form is used to order materials from the Extension Office.  Some materials are also available for online order from Purdue Extension's The Education Store if you prefer. 

Record Sheets

A number of downloadable record sheets are included at the bottom of this page.  Record sheets for certain state projects are available from the Indiana 4-H project website.  If you find both a state version and Lake County version of a record sheet, use the Lake County version.  This has been specially designed for our local 4-H program. 

The Lake County 4-H Arts and Crafts Record Sheet (included below) is used for these projects:

  • Arts & Crafts: Artificial Floral Design
  • Arts & Crafts: Basic Craft Other
  • Arts & Crafts: Basketry
  • Arts & Crafts: Ceramics
  • Arts & Crafts: Fine Arts
  • Arts & Crafts: Jewelry Making
  • Arts & Crafts: Leather
  • Arts & Crafts: Lego
  • Arts & Crafts: Needlecraft
  • Arts & Crafts: Plastercraft/Resin
  • Arts & Crafts: Soft Dolls & Toys
  • Arts & Crafts: Wearable Art
  • Arts & Crafts: Weaving
  • Arts & Crafts: Wreaths 
  • Creative and Expressive Arts: Scrapbooking
  • Recycling: Reclaimed Treasures

Questions?  Your 4-H club leader can help you find the materials you need.  You can also contact the Extension Office at 755-3240.