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4-H Workshop Series Information

August 13, 2018

The Extension Office is hosting a series of workshops open to volunteers, 4-H members, and/or parents. All workshops begin at 6pm and last 90 minutes. Workshops will be held in the Extension Office conference room.



-Who, Who Are You?- Jan. 23rd

Learn about Cooperative Extension, creating a vision and mission, the different levels of membership and involvement, club structure, and the volunteer certification process.

-Welcome to the Club- Feb. 22nd

Club management is the topic! We will take a closer look at bylaws, club financial policies, attendance policy clarification, fundraising, and more!

-Lean On Me- Mar. 20th

Come learn about working with youth in youth-adult partnerships. Have you ever struggled with letting go of control and trusting youth? This is the workshop for you! Topics will cover generational differences, seeing youth as a resource, updates to the Junior Leader program, Essential Elements of 4-H Youth Development.

-The Safety Dance- April 26th

We will take a look at Risk Management practices, Health Forms, Social media policies, meeting locations, MVD policies, weather emergencies, and developing a plan for a safe and fun learning environment! 



-Plan a Future Fit 4U- Feb. 28th

Explore career pathways, learn about scholarships, and different opportunities to plan a future fit 4 U! College isn't the only path to career success. Come explore different avenues to take after high school. 

-Marketing Your 4-H Project- Mar. 29th

4-H members have a unique opportunity to gain many valuable life skills through their 4-H livestock projects. In addition to gaining such skills as communication, critical thinking, financial management, organization, responsibility, and leadership through their project involvement and 4-H club, the 4-H member also has the opportunity to receive a premium price for the animals that they market through the youth livestock auction sales. Many youth use the money gained from their 4-H projects to help pay for college. Thinking like a business person is essential to being successful. This workshop will help you identify potential customers (buyers) to purchase the end product, create a buyer's letter, and give ideas on putting together a whole package.

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