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4-H Livestock Committees

July 19, 2016

At the Livestock Banquet each year (Achievement Banquet for Horse & Pony and Draft Horse are separate), an election will be held to replace or re-elect one-third of membership (or two members) from each committee.   Each new committee member will serve a three-year term.  Those 4-H members and parents with livestock within a given project area are eligible to vote within that project area.  Usually within a month of the election there will be a meeting of all livestock committee members. During this meeting the next year’s committee leadership will be selected.

Each livestock project committee will meet after the banquet election to select a superintendent. The superintendent is responsible for stall assignments, checking all required health papers, barn security, and general barn appearance.  The project committee is responsible for setting up classes, selecting judges, rules changes or alterations and project enrollment.  This committee will also determine the release time at the conclusion of the fair for livestock not involved in the auction.  The committee will also be available to assist the superintendents with his or her responsibilities.

Anyone willing to serve on a committee should contact the superintendent of that committee or the Extension Office prior to the Livestock Banquet so their name can be placed on the ballot.


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