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4-H Rabbit project

January 17, 2020



Exhibit may be rabbit exhibit(s), poster, action demonstration or a combination.

Rabbit Rules:

  1. Each rabbit exhibited must be identified with a permanent tattoo in the left ear and must have identification requirements turned into the Rabbit Committee by specified date or will not be eligible to show. Identification requirements are breed, variety, age (at time of fair), gender, and tattoo. NOTICE: There will be no crossbred rabbits exhibited at the Fair. (This does not mean that they need to be pedigreed. Buy rabbits from a trusted source as they must be purebred.)
  2. Worksheet:
    • Complete the lesson corresponding to his/her grade as of January 1 of the current year.
    • The reference book is 4-H Rabbit Resource Handbook, published by Ohio State University. **One will be provided for each family.  It is to be used for the entire ten years of participation in the 4-H Rabbit project.
    • Worksheets must be turned in to the 4-H Rabbit Committee by July 1 or a date set by the 4-H Rabbit Committee or member will not be eligible to show.
  3. Meetings
    • Members are expected to attend club functions such as meetings, workshops, fundraisers, tattoo sessions and be certified through the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA).
  4. Tattoo
    • All rabbits exhibited must be tattooed prior to the fair. The 4-H Rabbit Committee will set a June date for any 4-H member who needs rabbits tattooed.If member cannot make the date, he/she must make arrangements with the superintendent before the deadline (can be tattooed at a meeting).
    • All tattoo dates are final. No late entries will be accepted.
  5. Fair Entry
    • Rabbits will be required to pass a health examination upon arrival at the fairgrounds. Any unhealthy rabbit or one not registered with the committee will be removed from the fairgrounds and will not be shown.
    • First and second year 4-H members may not show more than 2 breeds of rabbits. Meat entry is not considered a breed class.
    • A 4-H member may enter and show a maximum of 12 breed class entries plus *2 meat class with only 1 entry per class.
    • Must show a breed class rabbit in order to be eligible to show a meat entry. Enter a second breed class rabbit and may enter a second meat class. One rabbit is only eligible for one class either breed or meat, not both.
    • Cages will be provided and assigned to exhibitors by the Rabbit Committee.
    • Exhibitors must furnish their own feeding and watering equipment. Cages may not be used for storage of supplies- designated storage is provided.
    • Exhibitors will be responsible for proper daily care of rabbits and cleaning of cages. Points can be earned for clean cages and well-watered rabbits for the Herdsman Award. Only work done by exhibitor will earn points, not an adult.
    • Cages must be cleaned by exhibitor before the animal is released.
    • Rabbits that are exhibited at fair are still the property of the owner and are not to be handled by anyone other than the owner at any time, with the provision that project committee members & superintendent may check, handle or move rabbits for the safety of the animals. Locks are permitted, please contact committee.
    • Cages and rabbits will be checked twice daily (AM & PM) for water and clean shavings. Shavings that need attention will first receive a yellow tag placed on the cage. If the shavings do not get changed or are considerably worse after one yellow tag is given then a red tag will be placed on the cage.
    • If an exhibitor receives 2 red tags then the exhibitor will be asked to take all of their rabbits home, even if the animals have not been judged.
    • All carriers, boxes, crates, etc. must be removed from rabbit barn by 4pm day of check-in and not return until Friday check-out. Exceptions: Carriers may be used to transport rabbits during show hours. Violation will result in confiscation.
    • 4H members are responsible for bringing their rabbits to and from the judging table (no adults) when the class is called. Members will stay until dismissed, and return rabbit to cage. If rabbit is not on the judging table at the time class is judged, rabbit will not be judged. If the rabbit member is unable to attend, they should arrange for another 4-H member to meet these requirements.
  6. Breed Show - 4 Class shown alphabetically then 6 Class alphabetically  

Four Class rabbits

Six Class rabbits

Meat Pen classes – Maximum of 2 (must show 2 breed rabbits to show 2 meat classes)

Rabbits cannot be entered in more than 1 class. (ie: an animal from meat pen cannot be shown as a single fryer)

Meat rabbits will be weighed at time of entry on the first day of the 4-H Fair.


SUGGESTION: It is recommended that meat pens be raised by the member as it is very difficult to buy three animals and have them match as needed by 4-H fair week. If the member cannot raise his/her own pens it is suggested they enter the single fryer or roaster class with a rabbit they have purchased.



Rabbit Ambassador Provided there is sufficient interest from 4-H Rabbit participants, a Rabbit Ambassador contest may be conducted separately from the Rabbit Show, to cover the following topics:

Rabbit Ambassador Divisions

  1. First Year
  2. Junior -Grades 3-5
  3. Intermediate -Grades 6-8
  4. Senior -Grades 9-12


Rabbit Posters The purpose of this project is to demonstrate 4-H Rabbit project knowledge and to exhibit the possibilities in the 4-H Rabbit project.

Poster Requirements

1. Each poster must have been made by the 4-H member enrolled in the current year’s 4-H program.

2. Size – 22”x 28”, displayed horizontally with stiff backing, covered with plastic and accompanied by a name tag in the lower front right hand corner.

3. Proper footnoting should be used with any reference material. Attach a 3”x 5” card to the back of the poster listing the bibliography of references.


***Any rules that are not abided by will result with ineligibility to show any rabbit.***

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