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4-H Arts & Crafts project

November 22, 2017

12 State Fair Entries
Any combination of classes may qualify

(revised for 2018)

A member may enter one (1) exhibit in a maximum of two (2) of the specific Arts & Crafts categories. To complete the project, follow exhibit requirements (see below) for the arts and crafts selected and fill out the record sheet completely. If selected, a member may exhibit only one craft project at the State Fair.     

All posters, notebooks, and display boards must include a reference list indicating where information was obtained, giving credit to the original author, to complete the 4-H member’s exhibit. This reference list should/might include web site links, people and professionals interviewed, books, magazines, etc. It is recommended this reference list be attached to the back of a poster or display board, be the last page of a notebook, or included as part of the display visible to the public. A judge is not to discredit an exhibit for the manner in which references are listed.

Attach to your project the 4-H-618A-W "4-H Craft Information Card" for description of work completed on the project.

If multiple pieces make up the exhibit, a photograph of the complete exhibit should be attached to the exhibit so it can be properly displayed. For safety purposes any craft exhibit that resembles a sword, knife, or look-a-like weapon will be judged but not displayed.

State Fair classes are offered as follows

Fine Arts -  oil, charcoal, pastels, pencil, ink, acrylic or watercolor--on canvas, 
    canvas board, or paper - framed as a picture - prepared for hanging.

Needle Craft- (Hand work) Knitting, embroidery, crocheting, needlepoint, crewel, 
    candlewicking, chicken scratching, hand quilting, tatting, huck embroidery,
    hemstitching; also pulled, drawn and counted thread work and punch needle
    work. Does not include latch hook, plastic canvas, machine knitting or machine

Model Craft - Exhibits must be a small scale replica and meet the following criteria:

o Must be of injected styrene plastics;
o At least 25% of the exhibit must be painted;
o Wood, paper, clay, die-cast, or snap together models are not permitted;
o Screws are not permitted;
o Pre-painted or pre-decaled factory models are not permitted;
If the model is being built from a kit, include a copy of the instructions with the craft information card;
o Legos are not considered models and are to be exhibited as Any Other Craft

Any Other Craft - May not include any crafts included in the three classes listed


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