Invasive Species
Invasive plants are species that can grow and spread aggressively, mature quickly, and invade an ecosystem causing economic and environmental damage. Come and join Lenny Farlee, sustaining hardwood extension specialist, as he conducts a demonstration for control of woodland invasive species at the Indiana Small Farm Conference March 6th.
Entomologist Grzegorz Buczkowski holds a beaker of dry hydrogel crystals (left) and the same volume
Water-storing crystals known as hydrogels can effectively deliver pesticide bait to invasive Argentine ants, quickly decimating a colony, a Purdue University study finds.
Invasive plant and animal species can cause dramatic and enduring changes to the geography and ecology of landscapes, a study from Purdue University and the University of Kentucky shows.
Asian lady beetles, with various colors and spot patterns, are small enough that all five fit on a p
This is the time of year when pesky insects such as ladybugs try to make their way into homes. The Purdue University Department of Entomology has updated its Extension website with information to help homeowners keep them out.