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Food, Health, Finances, Parenting & Wellness - Jennifer Stefancik (5/15/2020)

May 28, 2020


Take a few minutes to ENJOY these informative video by Jennifer Stefancik

Also listed are FREE Webinars/Zooms - please note time zone differences


Educator - Health & Human Sciences

 Jennifer may be reached by email at with any questions


Healthy Start Communities That Care

A FREE voluntary incentive program for Women to ensure Mom, Baby (and Dad, too) have a happy healthy pregnancy and are as best-prepared for the life after baby's arrival.  Program is offered to ANY Daviess, Dubois, Martin or Green County residents.  Gifts may include baby items, maternal items, giftt cards, etc.  Participants who  complete the Program will receive a $50 gift card at birth as well as the incentivie gifts!!


Special Areas of interest - incentive gifts for each session


Early Care - When 0-12 weeks

Making Plans - When 12-20 weeks

Prepare for Baby - When 20-30 weeks

Prepare for Birth - When 30-37 weeks (or sooner)


See the flyer below for full details and additional information.  


To register contact your local Perinatal Navigator to enroll today - (812) 254-2760 ext. 1333




FREE Webinars or Zooms


Fathering in 15


Join us for 15 Topics, 15 Minutes, Online learning to help you be the best dad you can be and receive a $50 gift card for completing the program!


Connect with our staff today!


Daviess County: Call or Text 812-698-6042

Dubois & Martin Counties: Call or Text 812-309-3983

Greene County: Call 812-665-0311


See flyer below for add'l information and full details - thank you!





COVID-19 Family Care Page (added 5/12/20)



FREE Webinars for consumers 


1. Mental Well-Being, Resilience & Self-Care 

Tuesday, June 2; 11 am-noon
Our lives have changed significantly during this pandemic. At a time when we need social support and reassurance, we are faced with uncertainty and the need to keep physically distant. What are the risks to our mental health? How do we help ourselves before helping others? Join us to explore how to promote mental well-being and resilience as we navigate this challenging time.  Register for this webinar at

2. Budgeting 201: Managing a Plan

Thursday, June 4; 3-4 pm or 7- 8 pm

Do you have a budget and struggle with following it?  This webinar will provide tips and strategies for managing your spending plan. Discover ways to make changes to save money, manage debt, and plan for future goals. Register for this webinar at

6. COVID-19 Scams 

Tuesday, June 9; 10-11 am or 7-8 pm

Beware of COVID-19 Scams! The Federal Trade Commission has received over 40,500 Covid-19 fraud reports with American consumers reporting losses of $28.47 million.  This webinar will help you spot COVID-19 related scams, learn how to avoid the scams, and identify where and how to file a complaint. Register for this webinar 


7. Preparing Your Finances for Disasters & Pandemics 

Tuesday, June 16; 11 am-noon

Are you financially prepared to survive the next disaster or pandemic? Plan to participate in this webinar to learn specific strategies to increase your financial resilience.  Register for this webinar at





Topic - All Things Food


1.  Food Storage 


2. Grocery Shopping


3. Kitchen Substitutes



Topic - Exercise


 1. Go 4Life-Too much sitting at your desk?



Topic - Money Matters



1.  Credit Making it Work for you!


2.  Behind on Bills?







Without power after last night's storm?  

             Follow these tips to determine if your food is still safe.









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