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Aquatic Science

August 19, 2015

Aquatic Science


Beginner 4-H 447                                               

Advanced 4-H447


Follow the link to get a manual for this project: Aquatic Science

 Follow the link to get a little help with your poster project: Poster Exhibit Tips



  1. This program is designed to introduce you to the fun and enjoyment of Aquatic Science. If you have never tried raising fish in your home before, this project can help you get started; and if you are now raising fish, this is your opportunity to explore new areas of interest. You should have cared for your fish at least two months before exhibiting. You may exhibit in either the beginning or advanced division depending on your desires and/or previous experience.



  1. Exhibit will consist of a specimen (1 fish) or a pair of one kind of fish, must have cared for it for four weeks. (Any type of fish desired.)
  2. Bring your own simple clear glass container with no special equipment – fruit jar, goldfish bowl, etc. (3-gallon maximum, 1-gallon or less is desirable.)Air pumps are permitted. 



  1. You may exhibit any number and kind of goldfish or tropical fish you desire. Remember that the size of the tank will limit the number of fish it can contain.
  2. Bring your own glass aquarium (no larger than 10-gallons) Bring all equipment needed or desired such as plants, gravel, aeration, decorative, items, background, lighting, seasoned water, etc. You are encouraged to include snails or other scavengers to cleanse the tank.


No State Fair Exhibit.


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