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Purdue Master Gardener Intern Classes are offered annually in Jay and/or Blackford Counties.  If you enjoy gardening, and you want to learn more about horticulture, and enjoy giving back to the community, this program is for you.  For more information on the Purdue Master Gardener Program, contact the Jay County Purdue Extension Office or go to

Cost for the program is $100 per person or $150 for a couple sharing one set of materials.  Contact the Extension Office at 260-726-4707 for information on the next class being offered.  If interested, you may fill out the application packet below.

Classes will be held on Tuesdays from 1-4 pm at the Jay County 4-H Building. 

Class Topics are:

  •             Plant Basics, Indiana Soils, Plant Names and Identification
  •             Searching for Gardening Information, Creating a Beautiful Garden, Fertilizers
  •             Gardening Tools and Techniques, Plant Propagation, Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
  •             Woody Landscape Plants, Lawns, Houseplants, Vegetables and Herbs
  •             Fruit, Introduction to Plant Problems, Abiotic Plant Problems, Infectious Plant Diseases
  •             Insects and Invertebrate Pests, Vertebrate Pests, Weeds
  •             Diagnosing Plant Problems, Managing Plant Problems
  •             Pesticide Principles for Master Gardeners
  •             Insecticides and Fungicides
  •             Common Insect Pests and Infectious Diseases

For More Information Contact:

           Purdue Cooperative Extension Service  

           126 N. Meridian St.

           Portland, IN  47371    

            260-726- 4707