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Gift Wrapping (County ONLY)

November 13, 2019


Project Rules:

  1. One exhibit per person.
  2. 4-H’er is to exhibit in each category within each level only once.
  3. Definition of a bow is left to the judge’s discretion.
  4. Exhibit package must have been wrapped by 4-H’er since the end of
    the previous year’s fair.
  5. Premiums will be awarded per divisions Beginner, Intermediate and
    Advance. One overall Grand and one Reserve Grand Champion will
    be chosen for the project.


 Manual: Jasper County Gift Wrapping


BEGINNER (Grades 3-5)

Grade 3 - One rectangular package (shirt box) using a self-made bow and
               commercial wrapping paper.

Grade 4 - One cubic (6 equal square sides) package larger than 6”x6”x6”
               using a self-made bow and commercial wrapping paper.

Grade 5 - One small box suitable for a ring or pin, using a self-made bow
               and commercial wrapping paper.



Grade 6 - One cylindrical package, using a self-made bow or other
               decorations and commercial wrapping paper.

Grade 7 - One package with top and bottom of box/container wrapped
               separately and properly folded liner inside. Use self-made
               bows or other decorations and commercial wrapping paper.
               Box WILL be opened by judge.

Grade 8 - A series of two or three packages in a tiered effect
               coordinated as one complete package. For example: 3 stacked
               cylinders; 2 rectangular boxes; 1 box and 2 cylinders; etc…
               each wrapped individually. The tier must be securely tied or
               fastened together in such a way so that the individual packages
               will not move easily in the tier. Use self-made bows or other
               decorations and commercial wrapping paper.


ADVANCED (Grades 9-12)

***Choose one of the following exhibits. These categories can be done in
      any order. Choose a different category each year you are in the
      advanced level. ***

A) One package wrapped in materials other than wrapping paper. The
    outside wrapping materials must be part of the gift item. For example:
    dish towels, scarf, baby blanket, diapers, etc… The materials must be
    wrapped around some sort of box or container that would conceal or
    enclose the rest of the gift in the box or container.

B) One creative exhibit of any shape that has been covered in some
    fashion. Your outside decorations and/or “wrapping” are not a part of
    the gift. The package does not have to be a box, but a container that
    would conceal or enclose a gift item. The container should be covered
    in some fashion such as fabric, paper, cardboard, foil, plastic, leather,
    cellophane, etc… Do not use commercial wrapping paper. You do not
    need to have bows if they are not in keeping with the design of your
    package. Be as creative as you can be, have a theme.

C) One decorated or disguised display which is the gift. The actual gift item
    is decorated or disguised in some way. For example: a clothes basket
    made to look like a jack-o-lantern, a jar of preserves made to look like
    ‘Santa’, an umbrella made to look like a tree, etc…
    -OR– the actual gift item can be folded or arranged in some way that is
    a package in itself. For example: bath towels folded to look like a
    wedding cake, a table cloth folded into a bag with barbecue tools or
    kitchen items inside, baby blanket folded into a bunting with baby items
    inside, etc… All items used in the display must be part of the gift.

D) One self-made gift bag. Do not use commercial wrapping paper.
    Examples of some materials to use: construction paper, grocery bag
    paper, wall paper, fabric, etc… Gift bag may or may not be decorated
    depending on the materials used.

E) One package of any size wrapped only in self-made decorations and
    paper.  This category is different from the creative exhibit above in
    that you must use some sort of paper to put your own creative design
    on such as roller painting, stenciling, pulling, potato printing, spin art,
    etc… Use a self-made bow or other decoration. This category will be 
    judged on the neatness and creativity of paper design along with the
    proper wrapping.




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