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Gingerbread House Project (County Only)

November 13, 2019



ALL LEVELS: (1) See Jasper County General 4-H Rules: Label Rule,  (2) A completed signed Record Sheet must accompany each exhibit.

Gingerbread houses for this project must be made of real gingerbread ( not graham crackers or cardboard).  All decorations must be edible, and Royal Icing will be used for glue.  Gingerbread houses can be more than just Christmas decorations.  You may choose any holiday theme, fairy tale castles, barns, churches, stores, forts, or other historical buildings.  Decorations may be added to the yard and roof, and you may add people, trees, animals, etc… but everything must be edible.


All age groups must have their gingerbread house mounted on a covered base.  The gingerbread house and the extra items in the yard all need to be securely anchored to the base with Royal Icing..  All materials in the house and the decorations must be edible.  No plastics allowed.



Beginner Grades 3-5


Intermediate Grades 6-8

Advanced Grades 9-12


Exhibit Requirements:


Beginner—Grades 3-5

A simple house structure made of six pieces—2 sides 2 ends and 2 roof pieces.  No windows or doors to be cut out– they can be “drawn” on the walls with icing or framed with candies, or made of crackers or wafer cookies, etc.  Use your choice of candies to decorate walls and roof.  Your gingerbread house should be mounted on a covered sturdy base.  In the yard around your house you need to add at least 2 different items, and up to as many as 6 items.  Examples of these items might be a sidewalk, fence, trees, bushes, people (like gingerbread men), or animals.  Beginners have the option of using a kit.


Intermediate—Grades 6-8

This age group will start with the basic house (as in beginners), but you may add extra decorations.  Some suggestions might be a chimney, shutters, a  porch, dormers on the roof, steps up to the front door, etc. Windows must be cut out of the house in this division.  You could choose to have a door standing open—this is optional.  Roof treatment needs to be more than just simply “snow” on the roof made of Royal Icing.  Designs can be made with icing and candies, or shingles can be made with mini crackers, cereals, candy wafers, just to name a few.  Your gingerbread house should be mounted on a covered sturdy base.  In the yard around your house you need to add at least 4 items, but no more than 8 items.  Some examples are sidewalk, fence, trees, bushes, people, animals, doghouse, mailbox, sled a garden, etc….


Advanced—Grades 9-12

The houses for the advanced category need to be more complicated than intermediate.  The house may have more than one section.  The windows need to be cut out and filled with candy “window panes” made of melted hard candies ( see manual).  The walls of your structure may be textured to look like brick, stone, siding, or even log cabin, etc. You also have the option of using a colored Royal Icing glaze on your walls.  Your gingerbread house should be mounted on a covered sturdy base.  You have the option of lighting your house from the interior ( see description in manual).  If so, you may have your house lit during judging, but it will not be lit during fair week.  You also have the option of doing a  cut-away section of your house to view the interior and furnishings (all edible, of course).  This would appear much the same as a doll house.  In the yard around your house you need to have a minimum of 6 items, with no limit on a maximum number.


Poster Rule—All poster exhibits are 22” x 28” with 28” being the bottom and top measurements (horizontal) unless otherwise specified in the project rules book.  The poster board is mounted on stiff cardboard, pegboard or wood the same size as the poster,  1/4” or less in thickness.  Clear plastic must cover the poster.  Poster covers may be purchased at the Extension Office.


Label Rule– A 2” x 4” label is to be firmly attached to ALL exhibits.  On poster projects the label is placed in the lower right hand corner showing name, club, current grade and division/level.  Multiple items in exhibit are each required to have a label.





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