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Maurice Maeterlinck, a Belgian dramatist born in 1862, wrote plays, poems and essays. In 1911, Maeterlinck was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his wide range of literary efforts but especially for his dramatic works.
Trees for planting
Spring is a prime time for improving your property with new trees. They provide many benefits which everyone can share. Wise planning is essential to ensure the new trees meet your design needs and functional solutions as well. Follow these tips to get your tree started right and make it a long-lasting sustainable planting.
Many indoor plants can be moved to shady locations outdoors but only after danger of frost is past. Plants will dry out more often outdoors, so keep a close eye on soil moisture. Sinking the pots in soil will help slow down moisture loss.
picture of the trunk of a dead tree
Q. This is a very beautiful large tree that I lost last year. It's the second one I have lost in the past seven years. Would you be able to see from the photo what might be happening to my trees?
image of Poison Ivy
Most gardeners have heard of the wise advice "leaves of three, let it be" referring to the pest plant poison ivy. While not quite as catchy, the saying really should be "leaflets of three, let it be."
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Start seeds of warm-season plants, including tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, marigolds, zinnias and petunias, indoors for transplanting later to the garden.
photo of a 4th century Roman marble sarcophagus panel featuring Cupid and Psyche
I have a collection of arthropod motif jewelry. It includes brooches and rings for ears, fingers, and toes. There are tie tacks and cuff links. Even a belly button ring. All the jewelry in my little collection depicts joint-legged creatures. There are beetles, ants, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and a termite. A few of the jewelry pieces look like spiders.

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