Bridges Out of Poverty
Bridges Out of Poverty is a powerful model for economic and social change and stability. Click to find out more and how to register.
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The Huntington County 4-H Fair Association Inc. and their Board of Directors are responsible for the Huntington County 4-H Fair. They over see all the committees associated with the 4-H Fair, the 4-H Fair Events and Shows.
2016 Contest
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Information on the Huntington County 4-H Tractor and Lawn & Garden 4-H Projects can be found at this site.
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This page has the results for the event. It also has the link to the pictures. All the profits from this event goes to support the 4-H program. To all the participants and sponsors of the Huntington County Run 4-Health 10K / 5K / 1M; on behalf of the over 875 4-H members in Huntington County - THANK YOU!
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Empowering Humanities seeks to provide local communities with a sustainable future through education and advocation.
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Providing gardeners with intensive education in horticultural principles. Click here to find out more!
Do you feel as though you are always stretching to make your money last from paycheck to paycheck? By participating in this workshop, you will receive tools to help you learn to recognize where your money goes, stop spending leaks to save money for what you really want and develop a spending-savings plan.

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