Bridges Out of Poverty
Bridges Out of Poverty is a powerful model for economic and social change and stability. Click to find out more and how to register.
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Empowering Humanities seeks to provide local communities with a sustainable future through education and advocation.
Youth at 4-H Run for Heath
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The results are in! Thank you to all that participated.
2017 Bike Schedule
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The Huntington County 4-H Bicycle project offers youth in grades 3 - 12 the opportunity to have FUN while participating in a healthy sport.
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Block Party events are times of free play with blocks of all sizes for families and their children ages 8 months to 8 years. They provide an opportunity for parents to interact and play with their children while learning how they can help them develop a variety of skills.
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The Huntington County 4-H Fair Association Inc. and their Board of Directors are responsible for the Huntington County 4-H Fair. They over see all the committees associated with the 4-H Fair, the 4-H Fair Events and Shows.
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