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The Huntington County 4-H Junior Leaders is for youth in grades 7 - 12 that would like to learn more about being a leader, serving in the county, and helping the 4-H program. They do all of this while having FUN!!! For more information check out our web page!
Huntington County 4-H is proud of the opportunities that it offers youth to explore new concepts and try new things! We offer workshops, trips and much more! Continue to learn what 4-H has to offer in Huntington and as part of the State 4-H program.
SPARK Science Finger Prints
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The Huntington County SPARK Clubs are a way for youth to learn in detail about a topic they are interested in. Projects and opportunities are being added through out the year.
Learn to Crochet
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Learn the basics of crochet. This class is for youth in grades 3 - 12. An adult can take the class along with the youth (optional). Sign up by October 14 at the Huntington County Extension office.
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The Huntington County 4-H Volunteer Leaders are a dedicated group of people that have a heart for working with youth. It contains helpful information for current club leaders. This page also contains information on how to become a 4-H Club Leader.
Drone Discovery
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4-H has something to offer to all youth of school age. For youth in grades K - 2 there is Mini 4-H. For youth in grades 3 - 12 there is our traditional 4-H Club program. For more information please continue
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The information on this page will help 4-H members of Huntington County that are in the 4-H Rabbit project.

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