This page helps the Howard County Extension Homemaker's keep up with what is going on in the Council meeting and other important upcoming events.
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Since 2003, the community Garden has harvested over 165,599 pounds of produce, all of which was donated to various organizations and food pantries in the Kokomo area. It serves as a learning lab to provide instruction to the general public on various gardening techniques.
Community Wellness Coordinators improve nutrition and health in limited-resource communities statewide by concentrating on NEP's five focus areas: diet quality, physical activity, food security, food safety and food resource management.
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This page gives you Howard County and Indiana websites that can be very helpful to you.
Hoosier Homestead Award
What is the Hoosier Homestead Award? It is where a property of at least 20 acres or produces at least $1,000.00 of agriculture produce a year and are able to show that the land has been owner by the same family for at least one hundred years ago.

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