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Science Made Easy

Lessons in the Science Made Easy program teach students a basic understanding of the topic and then challenges them to complete a hands-on activity for reinforcement. The basic scientific process of how to conduct an experiment is discussed with each topic. Students are asked to predict, or hypothesize, what will happen to observe what did happen and then to try and use this information to infer answers to related concepts. Some of the lessons allow for students to complete a project that may serve as a classroom grade, as well as be entered as an exhibit at the Howard County 4-H Fair!

Ag in the Classroom

Agriculture plays a role in every aspect of our lives. Through these lessons, students will learn about the science involved in agriculture, the economic impact of agriculture and potential careers related to the agricultural industry. All lessons contain interactive activities that allow the lessons topic to be reinforced. Students are to think in a scientific manner while explaining the topic in order for them to share it with others! Additionally, students are challenged to analyze the impacts of different factors in relation to the topic, as well as provide reasoning in their solutions.

National Youth Science Day

Each October, a day is designated for millions of young people across the nation to become scientists for the day during the annual NYSD. It is the premiere national rally event for year-round 4-H Science programming, bring in together youth, volunteers and educators from the nation's 111 land-grant colleges and universities to simultaneously complete the National Science Experiment.

Captain Cash

The Captain Cash program includes four classroom enrichment sessions of approximately 45 minutes each that focuses on earning, saving, spending, and borrowing money. Each session introduces vocabulary words and one or ore basic economic concepts. Each session also includes a game or activity and a take-home handout. All lessons meet Indiana Academic Standards for math and social studies! Along with learning basic financial concepts, students learn and proactive important life skills to foster self-sufficiency such as communication, decision-making, problem-solving, managing resources, planning, and organizing.

Howard County Ag Day

The educational goal of this event is to teach 5th grade students, of Howard County, how food products get to their kitchen table. The theme is...Pizza! It is amazing how many student think cheese, sausage and hamburger, etc. comes just from the grocery store. We want to make the connection that cheese and hamburgers come form cows, sausage comes from pigs, soybean oil is in many of the products used daily, and so much more!

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