Making plans for the summer? Why not include a summer "road" trip through 4-H! You can travel throughout the state and country through 4-H. You will meet other youth involved in 4-H, learn more in areas that interest you, try new adventures and more! Check out the information below to begin planning your summer "road" trip now!

2015 4-H Trips, Awards & Conference flier

If you would like to attend one of these events please print an application and send it to the office .

4-H Members in Grades 3, 4, 5 6

4-H Camp at Camp Tecumseh - June 3-5

4-H Members in Grades 7, 8 9

4-H Round Up at Purdue - June 22-24, 2015

4-H Members in Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Science Workshops at Purdue - June 10-12, 2015

Aerospace- Build model rockets and planes, take a ride in a small airplane, experience a flight simulator and talk to staff and faculty as you learn about the principles of flight and career opportunities.

Animal Science (including large and small animals and veterinary science) - Hands-on learning experiences dealing with science of 1)Food Animal (1 and 2); 2)Companion and Exotic Animals; 3) Animal Products; 4) Animal Health; 5) Animal Bio-Science.  Visit with Purdue faculty about educational and career opportunities.

Citizenship - Local & State Government -

Computer Science - 1) Flash:Add action to your home page;2)Software Engineering: Develop an iPhone application to keep track of your expenses.

Engineering Sciences - Investigate agricultural & biological engineering, civil engineering, and electrical engineering. Your team will design, build,and compete in a mousetrap-powered vehicle race. Tour labs and spend time with Purdue faculty.

Food Science and Nutrition - Join Purdue faculty in their laboratories to find out how corn is processed to make cheese puffs,why juice in juice boxes does not spoil, how low-calorie food is made, and how the look of food affects your taste perception.

Journalism – To Be Updated!

Plants, Insects, Natural Resources, Environment (PINE) - Work with Purdue faculty and staff to learn about plants, insects, bio-energy, and other natural resources. You get to choose from a variety of 4-H project areas: beekeeping, crops, entomology, floriculture, forestry, geology, lawn and garden, plant science, small grains, soil and water conservation, weeds, weather,and wildlife. Note: Project areas offered will vary annually, depending on instructor availability.

Renewable Energy - Hands-on experience with cutting edge renewable energy technologies like biofuel and biochar production and wind turbine experimentation with exciting field trips to renewable energy destinations.

Robotics - Trash, trash, trash everywhere! We need reinforcements. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to build a robot that can save the world from trash by helping us recycle our waste. We need you and your mind to solve this growing problem. We look forward to having you on our team!

Show Me the Money - Learn the essentials of financial management from the best network of financial professionals in the state. Experience a full day of Where Does Your Money Go® adventures at vendor locations in Lafayette. Come away with new tools to make your financial goals become a reality!

Start Local…Go Global! – To Be Updated!

STEM it UP! – To Be Updated!

State 4-H Band Information and Application - June 20-22, 2015

State 4-H Chorus Information and Application - June 20-23, 2015

Electric Workshop – Purdue University - June 19-21, 2015

The 4-H Electric Workshop is designed to provide youth with an opportunity to explore, through hands-on learning experiences, the principles associated with electric wiring and electronic construction.  The workshop is divided into two divisions: beginning and advanced.  The beginning workshop is for youth (middle and high school-aged) with some knowledge of electricity. The advanced workshop is for youth (8th to 12th grade) who are interested in learning about robotics, especially the electronics and programmatic aspects of robotics. Youth will work in teams to solve challenges using a programmable robot.

State Junior Leader Conference – University of Indianapolis - June 16-19, 2015

The conference focuses on developing leadership, understanding of group dynamics and an awareness of self and others. It is carried out with the guidance of the State 4-H Junior Leader Council members elected at each conference to conduct the next year's program. There is one statewide conference planned annually for high school students who have completed grades 9-12.

Indiana State Fair Youth Leadership Conference – Indiana State Fair - August 4-8, 2015

The Indiana State Fair Youth Leadership Conference is for young men and women who have completed grades 9-12. with or without 4-H backgrounds. The conference is held during the Indiana State Fair and is sponsored by the Indiana State Fair Board, the Cooperative Extension Service and local county sponsors. Delegates may be nominated by the local county Cooperative Extension Service. ISFYLC provides young men and women with leadership experiences through a mock legislative session, leadership activities, and other events. The conferences program offers leadership training in group dynamics and self-government, shared leadership and cooperation.

Citizenship-Washington Focus - June 27 - July 4, 2015

Registration Due – March 15, 2015

Each delegate will take part in workshops on contemporary issues and topics such as international affairs, human relations, government, ecology and conservation, family life and dating, community development, drama and creative expression, economics, agricultural policy, leadership, and careers.

State Fair 4-H Exhibit Hall Worker Application – end of July through completion of State Fair, 2015

National 4-H Dairy Conference Information and Application – Madison Wisconsin - Sept 27 - Oct 1, 2015

The National 4-H Dairy Conference aims to help increase understanding of the dairy industry, help students learn about additional vocational and professional opportunities in the dairy industry, practice good citizenship, group participation and leadership responsibilities. Additionally, students will develop additional individual initiative and competence in areas of special interest and aptitude in the dairy field and related areas.

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