What is Mini 4-H

The Mini 4-H Program in Howard County is designed specifically for youth in Kindergarten through 2nd grade on January 15th of the current year. Mini 4-H members will be able to explore several project areas that interest them at a on competitive level. Projects can then be displayed at the 4-H Fair and be awarded a special Mini 4-H ribbon for projects completed.

Mini 4-H serves as an introduction to the "regular" 4-H program. Mini 4-H members are able to gain self-confidence and increase their self-esteem. Mini 4-H provides youth guidance while learning a variety of skills. Youth develop pride and skills in their ability to complete and display their projects. The intent is to allow the Mini 4-H member to have fun, enhance youth development, and readiness for regular 4-H participation.

2018 Mini 4-H Project Handbook

Mini 4-H Exhibit Tags - Your Exhibit tags will be mailed to you for your projects

Mini 4-H Projects Record Sheets