Weather and Climate Science - Updated

STATE FAIR: One State Fair Entry per division that fits requirements.

OBJECTIVE: Learn to observe and record weather data on wind, temperature and clouds. Complete all work and conduct experiments.

Level 1 Grades 3 – 4
Level 2 Grades 5 – 6
Level 3 Grades 7 – 9
Level 4 Grades 10 – 12

• Completed project manuals and record sheets must be turned in when you check-in your 4-H project.
• Each year, members must complete at least three (3) activities. These will be recorded on the scorecard. 

Indiana 4-H Weather website

Weather Leader's Guide

Note: You will find the project summary, record sheets and other important information in the related information. The files can be opened at the bottom of the page. 

By Joshua Winrotte, Extension Educator - 4-H Youth Development
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