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March 4, 2020

Ribbons will be presented on the exhibits at the fair.


  1.  Single ear of yellow corn
  2. Ten ears of yellow corn
  3. Twenty-five ears of yellow corn
  4. Gallon of yellow shelled market corn
  5. Gallon of soybeans
    1. Choice ONE: A and B will be judged separately.
      1. Yellow Soybeans
      2. Other Soybeans
  6. Gallon of Commercial Wheat.
  7. Gallon of Commercial Oats.
  8. Gallon of Commercial Barley
  9. Gallon of Commercial Rye.
  10. Five pound bundle of Alfalfa Hay
  11. Five pound bundle of Mixed Hay
  12. Ten ears of popcorn
  13. Corn Stalk


Regular 4-H ribbons in each class to the first eight places in small grains (wheat or oats), corn, soybeans, hay, alfalfa, potatoes, with completion ribbons to all other placings.


  1. All corn and beans must be grown by the exhibitor in the year 2019. All wheat, oats, rye, barley, hay, and corn stalk must be grown in 2020.
  2. Completed record sheets must be submitted with each exhibit.
  3. All exhibitors must have regularly enrolled in the 4-H project in which he/she enters an exhibit.
  4. Shelled corn, small grains and soybeans must be exhibited in gallon glass jars. Jars will be furnished if the member does not have his/her own and must be filled when placing the exhibits. Jars must be filled to at least the bottom of the neck of the jar.  
  5. Entries must be labeled as to brand and variety. If a sample is determined to be improperly entered, the judge has the authority to change the improper entry to a completion, with any lower entries being moved to a higher placing.
  6. Crop members may exhibit in one or more of the corn classes.
  7. Exhibits must be picked up at the time of project release. Any exhibits not picked up will be disposed of.
  8. Champion of crops points will be awarded according to the following table:
  9. No wet forages. It is according to judge’s discretion to disqualify any unsafe crops projects.


 Check in the Premium Book for the scoring grid.


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