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Arts and Crafts: Basketry

October 30, 2015

General Rules:

Crafts will be judged by grades.

  1.  A Champion and Reserve Champion will be selected for each grade in each craft if the judge feels there is an article of enough merit to deserve the honor. State Fair entries will be determined by the judges. Champions and Reserve Champions will be selected from the honor group.
  2. Members may exhibit in more than one craft project (example: 1 exhibit in freelance, 1 exhibit in models).
  1. All items must be complete and ready for use; if a picture, it must be ready for hanging; needlecraft projects are to be ready for intended use; all other crafts are to be finished as required.
  2. Each year should be a new learning experience, therefore, more difficult exhibits should be made each year.
  3. Needlework may be placed in clear plastic bag for display.
  4. A pair or set is considered one article, i.e. mittens, slippers, salt and pepper shakers, pitcher and bowl, tablecloth and/or napkins.
  5. Projects not meeting division requirements will be lowered one ribbon grade.
  6. All crafts must have a 4-H Craft Information Card attached to the project.
  7. If multiple pieces make up the exhibit, a photograph of the complete exhibit should be attached to the exhibit so the total exhibit can be properly displayed.
  8. For safety purposes, any craft exhibit that resembles a sword, knife, or a look-a-like weapon will be judged but will not be displayed.

Attach a completed 4-H Craft Information Card to your project.


Grade 3                          

Exhibit a simple basket with a solid drilled base of any shape using round or flat reed in the over- under pattern. No wood slotted bases allowed.

Grade 4      

Exhibit a simple basket with a solid drilled base of any shape using the twining weave. No wood slotted bases allowed.

Grade 5

Exhibit a square or rectangular basket woven entirely of reed with a lashed on rim. Handle optional.

Grade 6              

Exhibit a basket with a round or oval base with a lashed on rim. Handle is optional.

Grade 7

Exhibit a ribbed basket woven entirely of reed using wooden hoops or wooden handle. Example: egg, key, melon, or potato basket.

Grades 8-9-10-11-12              

Exhibit one article woven of reed or specialty materials which show advanced skills (such as: Japanese or double arrow weave, braided border, or equivalent skill appropriate for the article). Each year the student enters a basket, it should be more advanced than the previous year. More advanced members may exhibit chair caning, baskets woven on slotted wooden bases, baskets woven on wooden or metal frames, or similar articles.


Note: Reed means any reed-type material. (cattails, leather, paper twist, fabric, etc., are specialty materials.) They are to be used as accents to the basket. Baskets cannot be made entirely of these materials.


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