2 State Fair Entries Overall

Projects will be judged according to Class and Grade.

Attach a completed 4-H Craft Information Card to your project.


General Rules:

  1. A member may enter no more than two (2) model classes. Only one (1) entry is permitted in each class. If entering 2 models, they must be separate displays. For example, if entering a car and a truck, they must be on two separate display boards.
  2. No snap together, bolt together, screw together, or nailed models allowed. These exhibits will receive a completion ribbon only.
  3. Boards used for displaying models must be rigid and not be more than one inch larger than the model. Exhibit will be dropped one ribbon placing if not meeting size requirements. Use of display board is optional, however if a board is used, the model must be attached to the board. Suggested methods of attachment include string, twist-ties, or wire that can be removed during judging and replaced for display.
  4. The Other Model category will include model boats, spacecrafts, motorcycles, doll houses built to scale, wood models and other models not included in other classes.
  5. No live animals should be exhibited with the model.

 Exhibit Requirements: A completed record sheet must be turned in with your green folder.


  1. Airplanes and Military Models—Includes flying and display models for all types of aircraft.
  2. Cars—Includes racers, customized, stock and antique car models.
  3. All Other Model Types—Includes model boats,spacecrafts, figures, motorcycles, dollhouses built to scale, wood models, and other models not included in other classes.