Henry Co 4-H Rabbit Project
Henry Co 4-H Rabbit Project


Committee: Valerie Boggs, Justin Hamm, & Jayson Madden



Rabbit Ambassador Contest

Rabbit Educational Poster 22" x 28"

Illustrated Rabbit Display

Exhibit 1-25 rabbits owned and cared for since May 15.


  1. All 4-H rabbit participants will enter rabbits on Saturday, July 12, 6-8 pm. Mini 4-H rabbits will be judged at the beginning of the regular 4-H rabbit show. All 4-H exhibitors will pick up their rabbits at release on Monday evening. The Mini exhibitors gain the opportunity to present their project to a judge and are a part of the 4-H show.
  2. Crossbred animals are acceptable for Mini 4-H’ers only, although purebred animals are recommended.
  3. All rabbits must be an approved breed and variety as outlined in the A.R.B.A. Standard of Perfection. All rabbits must have a legible permanent tattoo in the left ear and this tattoo must be entered on the Rabbit entry form where requested. The rabbits must be tattooed prior to entry form being turned in to the Extension Office. Tattooing is available at Rabbit Club meetings.
  4. All exhibitors may also exhibit in the Mini costume class.
  5. Entry forms are required no later than June 1.
  6. Late entries follow the rest of livestock late entry guidelines.
  7. Set up will be the Saturday before the show.
  8. All rabbits will be delivered to the fairgrounds at specified time on Saturday before the show. Absolutely NO rabbits will be accepted on the day of the show with the exception of mini rabbits.
  9. Judging will start at 9:30 am (because of the heat) on Sunday and will begin with the Mini classes.
  10. All rabbits will be housed in assigned cages. Cage numbers will be given at check-in.
  11. Any rabbit showing any signs of illness will be sent home at check-in and not be permitted to stay or be shown.
  12. Release time for rabbits will be Monday, July 14 from 4-7 pm.
  13. Each exhibitor is responsible for feeding and watering their own animals. Containers will be provided.
  14. If possible, each 4-H’er must exhibit their own rabbit. Otherwise, rabbits will be shown by another 4-H’er designated by the member and approved by Rabbit Chairperson. Any rabbit brought to the judging table by an adult who is not an appointed helper, will be returned to the cage and not judged.
  15. For eligible meat rabbits, auction form will be due 1 hour after completion of show.
  16. Ambassador winners are strongly encouraged to enter the State Fair Ambassador Contest. If the winners of respective division decline to participate, the runner—up can participate. Winners should make their decision prior to the end of the fair and inform leaders.
  17. A Henry County Livestock Record sheet MUST be completed and turned in with green folder.
  18. All poster and non-rabbit exhibits must be entered at project entry time, Friday at the Smith Building. Proper footnoting listing reference material on 3x5 card on back of the poster should be included. The exhibit must not be larger than 24x24 if not a poster.
  19. The 4-H’er can create an exhibit on a topic from the project manual but cannot repeat the exhibit.




  • Senior Buck - (over 6 months)
  • Senior Doe - (over 6 months)
  • 6/8 Buck - (6 to 8 months of age– for appropriate breeds)
  • 6/8 Doe - (6 to 8 months of age—for appropriate breeds)
  • Junior Buck - (under 6 months of age)
  • Junior Doe - (under 6 months of age)



Rabbits MUST be purebred. All breeds will show together and all rabbits will be weighed day of show.

  • Pen of 3—must be same breed and variety-age limit 10 weeks. Minimum weight 3 lbs. Maximum weight 5 lbs.
  • Single fryer—age limit 10 weeks. Minimum weight 3 lbs. Maximum weight 5 lbs.
  • Single roaster—age limit under 6 months. Minimum weight over 5 lbs. Maximum weight 8 lbs.
  • Single stewer—age limit 6 months & over. Minimum weight over 8 lbs.



 All breeds show together, exhibitors can only show 1 in each class.

  • White Fur - any white or variety with a usable white portion of the pelt.
  • Colored Fur– all non-white colors


Costume Class             Cage Decoration Class

1 entry per exhibitor       1 entry per exhibitor



  • Mini 4-H
  • Mini Costume
  • Mini Cage Decoration



Best in Show (BIS)         Reserve Best in Show (RIS)

Best 4 Class                   Best 6 Class

Best of Breed (BOB)       Best Overall Fur

Best White Fur               Best Colored Fur

Champion Meat Pen        Res. Champion Meat Pen

Champion Fryer              Res. Champion Fryer

Champion Roaster           Res. Champion Roaster

Champion Stewer            Res. Champion Stewer


Best 4 Class & Best 6 class will compete for Best in Show & Reserve Best in Show (Only 2 Rabbits)


Best of Breed trophies will be awarded to breeds with 5 or more entries, unless there is a sponsor for a designated breed.


Additional awards may be posted in the Rabbit Barn.


Rabbit Ambassador (as follows):

  • Novice: Grades 3-4
  • Junior: Grades 5-6
  • Intermediate: Grades 7-8
  • Senior: Grades 9-10
  • Master: Grades 11-12


Corinne Stokes Memorial Herdsman Award

Judged upon: Sportsmanship in barn and at judging table; citizenship, time spent with rabbits, proper care and cleanliness.

Junior—Grades 3-7

Senior—Grades 8-12



GOODWIN BAIL BONDING—Plaques to Best Colored Fur, Best Overall Fur, Best White Fur, Champion Fryer, Champion Meat Pen, Champion Roaster, Champion Stewer, Reserve Champion Fryer, Reserve Champion Roaster, Reserve Champion Stewer and Reserve Champion Meat Pen

ELITE RABBITRY– Plaques to Champion Junior Rabbit Herdsman, Champion Senior Rabbit Herdsman, Reserve Champion Junior Rabbit Herdsman and Reserve Champion Senior Rabbit Herdsman

BILL CRONK—Trophies to Best 4 Class, Best 6 Class and Best in Show; Plaques to Best in Breed—New Zealand, Reserve Best in Show

INFBPW KNIGHTSTOWN—Banner to Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit Meat Pen

TERRY & ANGIE LEE—Banner to Grand Champion Rabbit Meat Pen

IN MEMORY OF GRANT MADDEN—Trophies to Mini 4-H Rabbit Members, Plaques to Best Cage Decoration, Best Costume, Best of Breed—Californian, Best of Breed—Holland Lop, Best of Breed—Lion Head, Best of Breed—Mini Rex, Best of Breed—Netherland Dwarf


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