Kindergarten U

Kindergarten U is the perfect opportunity for your child to experience kindergarten before they start in the fall. Participants go through a sample weeks of what takes place in most kindergarten classes (seat work, calendar time, counting games, weather report, letter of the day, activity stations, snack time, writing time, exercises & songs, etc.)

The Issue 

In 2014, Governor Mike Pence stated he favors a local, organic approach to solving Indiana's pre-K problem. Purdue Extension's Kindergarten U is a stepping stone to launch pre-K students into a successful school year. 

Extension's Positive Impact 

In 2012, Hendricks County Extension Educator, Beth Switzer, took her experience as a licensed teacher and developed Kindergarten U, a week-long "boot camp" where participants experience what kindergarten will be like in the fall. 

A curriculum modeling a typical year of kindergarten was developed. Participants read, write, count, explore science, participate in physical exercises, and participate in a variety of fun, educational activities. 

The participants receive a monthly newsletter, highlighting skills such as: social, academic, language, physical and math.

Community Impact 

Following participation in Kindergarten U:

  • 90% of participants could correctly print his/her name, compared to 5% prior to participation.
  • 100% of youth could correctly identify five different colors, compared to 50% prior to participation.

Following a 3 month post-survey to the parents:

  • 100% reported their child applies the skills they learned in Purdue Extension's Kindergarten U in kindergarten.
  • 100% reported the follow-up newsletters reinforce the concepts taught in kindergarten.

Parents' Comments: 

"The folder sent home with follow-up work has been a great tool. Our daughter works on it often."

"The best part of the program is the exposure to a classroom type setting and the routine of a school day."