Hendricks County Fair Queen Contest

You must be at least 16 years old by June 1st. The deadline to enter is May 15.

Workshops for the contestants will start on Sunday, June 7. The workshops will be weekly and not mandatory. The purpose of these sessions is to work on interview skills, makeup, modeling on the runway, and poise and posture. This is also a good time to network with other contestants. 

We do ask that all contestants attend the workshop of July 9th for the final practice.

The contest will be held on Saturday, July 11.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Patterson at 718-6156.

See the related files below to download an application.

Rules & Regulations

1. All members enrolled in 4-H in Hendricks County who are 16 years of age or older by June 1, 2015 are encouraged to participate in the 4-H Fair Queen Contest. Each contestant must be an active member of 4-H.

2. Applications must be submitted and in the possession of the committee chair before midnight of May 15, 2015.

3. Contestants will be judged on basis of ability to converse, personality, poise and posture, and stage presence. Clothing must be obtained by contestant for use in the competition. Judging is divided into three divisions:

  1. Division 1: Professional Wear - Attire - Suit, pant suit or dress with sleeves (shoulders must be covered). Suit does not have to be of same fabric. Attire worn by contestant in interview MAY also be worn/judged in professional wear category. Props are NOT allowed. Judging on posture, poise and overall impression. 
  2. Division 2: Interview - Attire - Dress, pant suit or suit with sleeves (shoulders must be covered). Each contestant will have three to five minutes before the judges. Each contestant will answer impromptu questions asked by the judges. Judging on poise, personality and ability to converse. 
  3. Division 3: Formal Wear - Attire - Long evening gown. At lease one portion of the evening gown's hemline needs to be floor length (touching the floor or the contestants foot). Other portions of the dress may be knee or tea length, depending on the design of the outfit. Gowns with the skirt split above the knee (more than 2" above the kneecap), a low-cut bodice, and/or cut/design inappropriate for the contest may be discounted by the judges. Judging on stage presence and overall impression. 

4. All judges have been selected from men and women who live outside Hendricks County. 

5. Hendricks County 4-H Queen Contest will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2015. The contest will be held in the Conference Center of the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds and Conference Complex. Contestants will be expected to be at the Conference Center all day (approximately 9 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.) for the event. 

6. Contestants must attend the workshop on July 9th in order to participate in the competition on July 11th. 

7. The Hendricks County 4-H Queen and the court (Miss Hendricks County 4-H Fair Queen, Runner-up, three Court Members and Miss Congeniality - based on the voting of the contestants) will reign over the 2015 Hendricks County 4-H and Agriculture Fair performing duties decided upon by the Queen Contest committee. 

8. Any previous Hendricks County 4-H Fair Queen or County Representative to the Indiana State Fair will not be eligible to compete in any future Hendricks County 4-H Fair Queen Contests. 

9. Applicants for Miss Hendricks County 4-H Fair Queen that are not 18 years of age by June 1, 2016 shall have the ability to convey if they desire to be chosen as Hendricks County 4-H Fair Queen or as a Runner-up/Court Member.

10. The Hendricks County 4-H Fair Queen or Representative must follow the Rules and Responsibilities for the 2016 Indiana State Fair Pageant. If the queen cannot meet the rules, the runner-up will be selected to represent Hendricks County in the Indiana State Fair Pageant. If the runner-up does not meet the requirements, there will be no representatives for Hendricks County. 

11. If any of the rules and responsibilities listed in this letter are not followed by the contestant, the Hendricks County 4-H Fair Queen Committee or the Indiana State Fair Pageant Director has the right to disqualify that contestant from competition. 

12. The Hendricks County 4-H Queen Contest Committee and the Indiana State Fair Board Queen Contest Committee reserve the right to change the foregoing rules and regulations at any time as may be deemed expedient. 

By Chase A Stanley, Technical Coordinator
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