Community Development

Making a Difference in Hendricks County

Master Gardeners Serving Their Community

Donated 3,216 hours of educational volunteer service worth $64,995 in Hendricks County. Made 9,771 direct contacts furnishing horticultural information in the county. Two exemplary programs conducted are:

- "Adventures in Gardening" program attended by 125 people from around the state.
- "Gardening for All Ages" show attended by over 1,500 people.

4-H Geospatial Program Prepares Youth

Youth in grades 7-12 are increasing their future workforce skills by learning to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and Global Positioning System (GPS) units.

- 100% of participants designed their own projects for 4-H GIS Day at the 4-H Fair.
- 90% of participants' computer technology skills improved during the program.
- 70% of participants indicated that Geospatial programming is not available in their schools.
- 100% of participants identified three careers that utilize Geospatial technology.
- All participants used ESRI's ArcMap 9.3 GIS software to complete their projects.

Kindergarten U* Created by HHS Educator

A readiness boot camp for kindergarteners starting kindergarten in the Fall.

- Pre-K youth participate in a sample week of what takes place in most kindergarten classes (seat work, calendar time, counting games, weather report, letter, color and word of the day, activity stations, writing & story time, etc.)
- Receive a monthly activity sheet to keep parents and child working together in the learning process.

 *In response to Extension's Initiative #3: Prepare at-risk children for academic success through programs and partnerships that strengthen families.

G2G: Just Killed Someone :(

For those non-texters, this translates to: "Got to go: Just killed someone," a simulator designed to warn teens of the danger of texting and driving.

Following their experience with the simulator:

- 93% of all participants lowered their score, crashed, or were disqualified for multiple driving violations when they started texting and driving.
- 90% of the participants reported they will not text and drive in the future.
- 85% of the participants will not ride with a driver who is texting.

Three months after their experience with the simulator:

- 90% have not been texting and driving.
- 85% have not been riding with a texter.

(These percentages are the same from the survey the participants took following their initial simulator experience. They did what they said they would do. To date, 100% of the youth who have participated in this event have found the experience very convincing.)

50% of the participants reported they think of their simulator experience every time they drive or ride with someone and/or when they see a distracted driver on the road.

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