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4-H Adult Volunteer Opportunities

October 7, 2019

ADULT 4-H VOLUNTEERS! Interested in different ways in helping out the Harrison County 4-H Program? There are many rolls an adult volunteer can take on that is highly valued in our community. The Harrison County 4-H Program is in need of members to serve on different committees. If you’re wondering how you can help and become a member, here is a list of all of the committees and what they do.

Budget and Finance Committee- This committee consists of the 4-H Council President, Treasurer,and at least one other interested person. They evaluate previous expenses and income of the 4-H Council, set up proposal for 4-H budget, consider and make recommendations on other financial matters of the board as directed, and conduct an annual audit of the corporation and report at the annual meeting.

Facilities Committee: Consists of at least three (3) Board of Director members and two (2) other interested persons. They evaluate existing facilities at Fairgrounds. They also make any recommendations to the Board of Directors. This include buildings, show cases, etc.

Awards Committee: Consists of at least one (1) Board of Director member and six (6) other interested persons. They select various award winners for Achievement Program. The committee will be responsible for selecting the recognition and awards for the Harrison County Fair 4-H Exhibits and the 4-H Achievement Program. They evaluate Awards procedures and update when necessary and work with Budget and Finance Committee on funding for trips and awards.

Promotion Committee: Consists of at least one (1) Board of Director member and four (4) other interested persons. They keep the public informed of what's going on in 4-H club work as well as plan activities or events promoting 4-H throughout the year with emphasis on Indiana and National 4-H Weeks, recommend ways for increasing 4-H club membership and participation, and make recommendations on how to coordinate working relationships between 4-H clubs, school districts, and other agencies and groups. The most participation would be mid-September through mid-January for enrollment promotion.

Leader Training Committee: Consists of at least one (1) Board of Director member and three (3) other interested persons. This committee conducts 4-H Adult Leadership Training Schools and activities when feasible, especially to help new 4-H leaders. They as needed conduct a 4-H Officers Training School, and conduct meetings to help 4-H parents to better understand the needs of youth, and also understand the functions of the 4-H Council and its committees.

Livestock Advisory Committee: Consists of appointed 4-H Livestock Superintendents, (not assistants) and at least one member of the Board of Directors. They promote, coordinate, and assist with 4-H livestock shows, workshops, weigh-ins, nose printing, and other activities. The Livestock Advisory Committee assists in an annual 4-H Livestock Evaluation Meeting after the County and State Fair.

Horse & Pony Advisory: Consists of at least one (1) member of the Board of Directors and six (6) other interested persons. This committee assists the Horse & Pony program in administrative program planning functions, assist in an Evaluation meeting after each County and State Fair where parents, leaders, and members can make recommendations to the 4-H Council. They also assist in developing horse and pony shows, workshops, and otherwise good program planning for the year.

Auction Committee: consists of at least one (1) member of the Board of Directors and other interested persons. They make recommendations to the 4-H Council regarding the management and implementation of the 4-H Auction. This committee also assists in recruiting and retaining buyers.

Programs Committee- Consists of at least one (1) Board of Director member and five (5) other interested persons. This committee should include club leaders and/or assistants. They evaluate 4-H projects, activities and programs, recommending revisions to the 4-H Council as needed. This committee studies new activity and program ideas and make recommendation to the 4-H Council Board of Directors, study opportunity for expanding benefits of 4-H to all Harrison County Youth, and study 4-H club leadership structure in Harrison County. They also assist with expansion of clubs and leaders when needed.

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please contact Rebecca Wilkins at (812)738-4236 or email her at wilkin33@purdue.edu. You must be a screened and approved volunteer to serve on a committee.

Other adult volunteer opportunities include coaching, career development events, chaperoning state events, providing workshops, or becoming a project superintendent during our county fair.

Join us in Making the Best Better for Harrison County 4-H!

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