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Interested in becoming a 4-H Volunteer?

December 3, 2020

Interested in serving as a 4-H volunteer? Call the Extension office at 812-738-4236 to request a volunteer application. Every new volunteer must complete the application and screening process prior to serving as a volunteer in the 4-H Program. After all cleared reference checks, background checks and an interview with the 4-H Educator, the applicant must create their v2.4honline.com profile and pass the online or in-face “working with Minors” training. All the above steps are mandatory to become an approved volunteer.

CLUB Level Leadership positions:
SPARK Club Leader-for those who can’t commit to a full time club, yet still want to share their knowledge with 4-H Youth. SPARK Clubs require a minimum of 6 hours of education and must be approved by the 4-H Educator.
Club Leader-the adult responsible for the organization, development, and maintenance of a 4-H Club
Assistant Club Leader-adult willing to assist the club leader in a capacity necessary for a successful club
Project Leader-adult who provides 4-H club members with continues educational experiences in a specific project area
Activity Leader-adult who works with 4-H club members to organize and develop participation in a specific 4-H activity such as CDE, Performing Arts, Demonstrations, and Public Speaking
Parent Support Committee Member-a group of parents willing to support the club leader as needed, such as calling members, assisting with transportation, provide a meeting place, etc.
COUNTY Level Leadership positions:
4-H Council– an elected board responsible for:

Committee Member-Volunteers who serve on a County 4-H Committee involved in a specific phase of the 4-H Program, i.e. Programs & Promotions, Awards, Auction, Budget & Finance, Livestock, etc.

Department Superintendent at the Fair- Volunteers who are responsible for setting up a project department, recruiting project superintendents, coordinating project check-in and judging, etc. at the Harrison County Fair
Project Superintendent at the Fair-volunteers who are responsible for project check-in and judging, organization and display of a specific project at the Harrison County Fair.
School Enrichment Program Volunteer-volunteer who works with the Extension Educator to deliver educational programs such as Captain Cash, Chick Embryology, and Junior Master Gardener to area schools

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