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Creative Writing Project

March 27, 2019

Even though it is missing from the 2019 Handbook, Creative Writing is still available as a county only project. You can refer to the 2018 Handbook for this project’s requirements.

General Requirements

  1. This is a county project only. There is no competition at the State Fair
  2. Members should enroll in this project by grade as of January 1 of the exhibit year
  3. Standard label provided by Extension Office should be firmly attached to the lower right hand corner on the cover of the three ring binder
  4. Only one entry or exhibit is required to complete the Creative Writing Project.

Recommended that all entries are to be typed in Times New Roman Format, double-spaced and with a 12 point font. We assume 1 page is 250 words double spaced.

  1. All entries must be written since the previous year’s county fair
  2. All entries must be the exclusive work of the 4-H member; no group projects or collaborations should be submitted for judging.
  3. Each entry should have a title page (see project manual for example). The title page must be inside the three ring binder. An additional title page may be on the cover if desired.
  4. Each entry must be bound to keep it neat and clean during judging and displa at the 4-H fair. Members may use a 1/2 inch or 1 inch, three ring binder with plastic sleeves.


All grades– Harrison County 4-H Creative Writing Project Manual

Record sheet should be submitted in the member’s 4-H binder.

Level 1– Grades 3-5– Exhibit one of the following

  1. Short Story—up to two two pages
  2. Book Report– up to two pages
  3. Poem—10-20 lines of poetry

Level 2– Grades 6-8– Exhibit one of the following

  1. Essay– 500-1500 words
  2. Poem– 35-100 lines
  3. Short Story 500-1500 words
  4. Dramatic Script– 15 minute scene

Level 3—Grades 9-12– Exhibit one of the following

  1. Short Story—1500 –3000 words
  2. Poem—50-200 lines
  3. Critical Review– 500-1500 words
  4. Essay—500-1500 words
  5. Humor—500-1500 words
  6. Dramatic Script– 30 minute scene
  7. Biography or Autobiography– 1000-2000 Words


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