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High Tunnel
One of the perennial challenges for small, beginning, diversifying, and /or urban farmers who are working toward some aspect of sustainability is finding a source of funding.
Walnut Twig Beetle
The Walnut Twig Beetle (WTB), Pityophthorus juglandis, the insect involved in Thousand Cankers Disease of Black Walnut (TCD), has been detected in Indiana for the first time at a Franklin County sawmill. The beetle was detected in a trap placed at the sawmill for a 2014 statewide survey for WTB. Additional WTBs were found during an inspection of walnut logs and lumber at the mill.
Without a doubt, the cool grey weather will soon yield to even longer days, more sunshine and increased warmth. As we wait, many area gardeners are anticipating the arrival warmer drier soil to begin delayed planting activities.
Many of us give the source of our food little actual thought. In some parts of the world a much higher percentage of a family's income and of their day's activity revolves around where their food for that day will come from.