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A place to find scholarship opportunities for those in high school and college. Find State and local 4-H, Master Gardeners, and Extension Homemaker, and many more scholarships online.More will be added Spring 2016.
Extension Homemakers
Take a look at the first Extension Homemaker Newsletter of 2016.
Extension Homemakers
There are so many activities coming up for Extension Homemakers this next month from the Holiday Bazaar, Chicago Trip, Christmas Dinner, and more. Find out what's happening in this month's newsletter.
Extension Homemakers
For a list of all Extension Homemaker Events and Programs see the 2015-2016 Program Book.
Extension Homemakers
Sign up for Extension Homemakers today and enjoy county lessons, trips, and more.
See how Kindergarten 101 is helping students prepare for school in Hancock County.
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Future Hancock County Fair dates are now set!

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