Extension Homemakers
Extension Homemakers Day of Remembrance is coming up next month. Find out more information inside this month's newsletter.
Find out what is coming up in Extension Homemakers this May and June in the next newsletter edition.
Extension Homemakers
Find out about the upcoming Extension Homemaker events in this months newsletter, especially the annual Achievement Day Celebration.
Extension Homemakers
See what's happening this month with the Extension Homemakers in this edition of their monthly newsletter.
Looking for healthy snack options to feed your family? Need ideas for a quick breakfast? Tired of the same old dinner recipes? Let our Kitchen Clips inspire you to try something new.
Extension Homemakers
Find out what's happening in the coming months with the Extension Homemakers of Hancock County. Upcoming events include a county lesson, Spring District Meeting, Chocolate Trail Tour, Home and Family Conference, and more.
Extension Homemakers
For a list of all Extension Homemaker Events and Programs see the 2015-2016 Program Book.

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