Yard and Garden
Rotten Ornamental Allium Bulb (Photo credit: Terry Hansen)
Q. I've been raising alliums for 20 years. Some years I've left them in the ground over winter, but most years I lift them when the stems dry up and replant them late September - early October.
Weeping cherry surface root (Photo credit: Rosie Lerner)
Much to the dismay of homeowners, landscape trees sometimes grow roots on top of the surface of the lawn or possibly even buckle sidewalks and driveways. These surface roots can be quite a nuisance to lawn mowers and human feet.
Following excessive moisture this past spring, this sugar maple tree declined rapidly during hot and
Homeowners and landowners need to keep an eye on trees that may be dying from weather-related stress, Purdue University tree experts say. Symptoms recently noted on mature oak, tulip and maple trees in Indiana include leaf scorch - the browning of leaves - branch dieback and premature defoliation.
Powdery mildew on lilac leaves. (Photo credit: C.B.)
Q. Is there any way you could help in figuring out what is wrong with our lilac? - C.B. via email.