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4-H Clubs

November 4, 2020

Here is a list of the current 4-H clubs in Grant County. You do not have to be enrolled in any specific project to be a part of any club. For more information on any of these clubs please contact the Extension Office.


4-H Clubs in the Madison-Grant Area

Lake Galatia

Liberty Green

Nanny Lane & Kids



4-H Clubs in the Marion Area

Fanatic Friends

Happy Clovers



4-H Clubs in the Oak Hill Area

Jalapa Indians



4-H Clubs in the Eastbrook Area

Livewire 'B'

Upland Highlanders

Washington Clovers


4-H Specialty Clubs

Grant County Shooting Sports

Waggin' Tails (Dog Club)

Wranglers (Horse & Pony Club)





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