Nest box.
Now that the weather forecast is looking positive and the days are getting longer, this is a great time to think about wildlife habitat projects. Landowners and homeowners can be overwhelmed by all the different ways they can help wildlife on their property. An easy project that is fun to build and place on your property is a nest box.
Light-colored Anomala lucicola (Photo by John Obermeyer/Purdue Entomology)
In the world of insects, beetles rule. At least they do if the number of species is an indication of success. It is widely accepted that one of every four animal species that has been a given scientific name is a beetle.
Dawn Tse (left) of Hong Kong and Mirandi Miller of Shipshewana, Indiana, both landscape architecture
Purdue University is rolling out a comprehensive online interactive database of the campuswide Purdue Arboretum for students and visitors to enhance their learning and appreciation for plants and the environment.
Girl looking into microscope
School science fairs often put students and parents on the hunt for project ideas. Of course, the point of these projects is for students, not parents, to learn how to plan and implement science! But, naturally, parents want to help their kids succeed. There are limitless resources available these days, especially with the help of the Internet.