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Producers wanting to help satisfy consumers' growing appetite for bison can learn more about the opportunities and challenges of raising bison by attending a Purdue Extension program. The Bison Advantage Workshop, co-sponsored by the National Bison Association, will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept.16 at Cook's Bison Ranch, 5645 E. County Road 600 S, Wolcottville.
Experts from throughout the Midwest will discuss the latest livestock pasturing trends and topics during the Dubois-Perry-Spencer Greener Pastures Field Day. The event will be held at 6 p.m. EDT Aug. 23 at the Marion McMurtrie Trust Farm, 7827 W. Old Road 64, in Holland. Session topics include watering systems, pasture renovations and construction, and alternative feed sources, such as annuals, cover crops and crop residues.
SIPAC Ag Field Day Flyer
The Ag Field Day at the Southern Indiana Purdue Ag Center (SIPAC) farm September 10th brings opportunities for resources and time with experts regarding tilapia production for farm ponds and demonstrations on cattle handling systems.
Livestock Operation
Hellbenders have been rapidly declining since the 1980s due to various factors, including poor water quality. Many ecological issues contribute to poor water quality, and one important issue we can focus on is how we use the land around rivers and streams. Livestock owners along rivers and streams can greatly reduce the impact of their operations on water quality using a number of different management practices.
Applications are being accepted for a 4-H program that gives teens a firsthand look at agribusiness management in the dairy industry.
While most agricultural tourists responding to a Purdue University survey indicated that agriculture is an important industry, those who said they had visited a livestock farm tended to have concerns about how animal feeding operations affect water quality in their county.
Smaller hog breeding herds and lower production costs could lead to modest profits for pork producers in 2016, Purdue University agricultural economist Chris Hurt says.

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