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Fulton County 4-H Covid Response Letter-Animals

March 25, 2020


March 25, 2020

To Fulton County 4-H families,

This message is in response to the COVID –19 ongoing and changing situation. Purdue University is expanding their in-person face to face meeting precautions until May 18, 2020. With this regulation, there are many adjustments that we must make in order to meet the needs of our 4-H members and families. Please read this entire email carefully. At this time our county office has limited access and educators are working remotely. The best way to reach me is by email.

4HOnline Deadline

The deadline for all animal species identification in the 4HOnline system is now June 1, 2020. This includes market beef. All DNA samples for all swine, beef, dairy beef, dairy feeders, sheep and meat goats will be due to the office by June 1st for those preparing to compete at the state fair.

Fairentry.com deadlines for Fulton County will remain July 7 for all livestock and June 1 for non-walking projects. Please remember that the animal projects must be identified in 4HOnline before they can be placed in classes in FairEntry.

Indiana State Fair Entry

In the past, the Indiana State Fair has had an initial entry deadline of June 1st. In 2020 ISF will be extending their initial deadline to July 1, 2020 to help accommodate 4-H families. Animals must be properly identified in 4HOnline by June 1st to be eligible for the Indiana State Fair 4-H shows.


Our in-person YQCA training has been rescheduled for June 2 at 6 pm.  You can call the office to get a coupon code closer to this date.  You may also use this extra time to do it online but it will cost $12 per member.

Animal Identification Days (Weigh Ins)

For 2020 only, 4-H members will pick up their ID tags from the Extension Office. It will be up to the 4-H family to apply the tags to the animals themselves. Instructional videos on how to tag each species will be shared on the Purdue Extension- Fulton County 4-H Clubs Facebook page as well as in links at the end of this letter. While the tags in the videos may be different tags, the positioning of the tag and the application procedure is the same. It does not matter which ear is tagged. I encourage all youth and adults to watch the videos. Animals should be properly restrained and youth should be a part of the process when applying the tags. Extension Educators and volunteers will not be traveling from home to home to apply the tags.

Please understand that picking up tags will be a challenge while the office is closed to the public. We will do our best to ensure that everyone gets what they need in a timely manner and will find ways to distribute tags after April 7th. (We are currently exploring ways to make this happen.) See the link at the bottom of the page to request tags. Our office will then work on getting them ready to distribute to you during drive by pick-up times to be announced later. We thank you for your patience while we work within the restrictions of limited social contact. The better we comply, the faster things will return to normal.

To enure the validity of the animal for both county and state fair 4-H members enrolled in dairy feeder steers, sheep and meat goat projects will upload two images of their animals in 4HOnline for verification purposes. The first colored photo will be of the animal’s head showing all required tags in the animal’s ears. The second colored photo will be a full body image showing all 4 feet and the head of the animal must be in the photo. This is the same requirement used for horse and pony. With the deadline extended to June 1st, we are also asking those families that have already attended county beef identification days to please add the 2 required photos for any animal going to the State Fair 4-H Shows. This will be the most efficient way to keep consistency within the project. If you need assistance in uploading photos please email abarks@purdue.edu. Please see the chart for clarity on tagging requirements.


Youth taking swine to the Indiana State Fair must also pick up tags from the office and  make requests for those tags through the provided link. You will also need to turn in DNA samples.  Swine ear notches can be entered for county only pigs.  In the RFID tag slot write county only.

Rabbits and Poultry

You will soon be receiving paper enrollment forms these are due to our office by June 1.


You will still need to turn in a paper enrollment form to your superintendent or our office by June 1. This is used to ensure space in the barn. If you have a county only lamb in the RFID slot type county only. The paper form will be included in the envelope when you pick up your tags.

Concluding Thoughts

We will rely on the honesty of 4-H members and their families to keep the integrity of the 4-H program. Our goal first and foremost, is the safety and health and well-being of our families. Our second priority is to continue to provide positive hands-on learning experiences. Animals are merely the teaching tools for the fundamental life skills that 4- H provides. This is a year in which we must allow for flexibility.

Moving forward, we will abide by the May 18th date recommended for resuming programming. We will work toward our goals of having animal projects for youth to exhibit this summer.

Thank you for watching our Facebook page for communications as much as possible. I will be posting and creating educational challenges for the youth and videos for your families. Please know that I am seeking adult volunteer leaders and youth leaders to create content at this time. This would be a great opportunity for youth to do project demonstrations and gain points.  Online demonstrations will count towards attending a meeting for the Promise Indiana reward money. If you are uncomfortable sharing your video demonstration via our Facebook page the video may be emailed directly to me.  If you have a recommendation for a subject that would help your family, please reach out and let me know. At this time email communication is best. You can reach me at abarks@purdue.edu. This letter is being posted on 4-HOnline, Facebook and at the Extension Website: https://extension.purdue.edu/Fulton/pages/default.aspx

Wishing you good health,


Amber Barks




4-H Extension Educator

Fulton County 4-H


Tag request form




Instructional videos for tagging


Video for cattle tagging



Video for tagging goats with county tags



Video for tagging sheep with county tags



New requirement: Video for Goat and Sheep State Fair 840 tag



See below in Related Filed for all attachments and the complete letter.

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