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4-H Record of Achievement form

July 17, 2019

4-H Record of Achievement & Points Instructions:

This form should be turned in by September 1 following the County and State Fair.
The 4-H Record of Achievement has been simplified for your convenience. It is based on the old form that we will no longer use. You will put the current year’s date on it and fill in the rest of the requested information. This will be used in future years when you need to make a resume or fill out scholarship applications. Each one will be filled out on a yearly basis.

The 4-H Points Schedule is used to determine awards. We began this process with the 2018 fair. It is for 4-H Activities Only. Do not include FFA and other organization’s events. Points are based on events that take place from September of the past year through August 31 of the current 4-H year.

For the categories where you receive points per year:
 For example, you work at the 4-H Council fish fry, enter 10 points.
 If you are in the Ag & Lawn and Garden Tractor contest in the county, enter 10 points, if you go on to the Area, enter 20 points, etc.

For categories that receive points per project, each, committee, demonstration, etc.:
 If you attend 5 local club meetings + 3 Jr. Leader meetings = 8 meetings x 5 points = 40 points to record.
 If you signed up for 10 projects and completed 9 of them: 9 X 10 points = 90 points for county projects completed and Record Sheet turned in.
 If you earned 3 Grand Champions X 10 points each = 30 points.
 If you take beef, sheep, and a craft to the state fair, that is 3 projects X 20 points = 60 points.

If you have questions, please contact the office at 223-3397.


See related files below for the form.

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