Project Check-in and Judging WEDNESDAY, JULY 9 - 5:00 - 7:45 P.M.

 No State Fair Exhibit

 Take an existing 4-H project but change its exhibit to your interest; OR develop a project not now offered in 4-H OR exhibit a 4-H project that is not offered in Fulton County. Examples include:   Beekeeping, Computer, Soil & Water, Strawberries, Weeds. The exhibit should be one that could not be exhibited in any other project.

 All divisions

PROJECT COMPLETION:  Turn in a completed record sheet.

 EXHIBIT: Choose one of the following for your exhibit: a display, a notebook, a 22"x28" poster or scrapbook on subject of your choice. Exhibit must be accompanied by record sheet to further explain exhibit.

See size requirements in Community Building Projects General Information Section.