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June 10, 2020

Refer to this year's Franklin County 4-H Rulebook plus the Rulebook Supplement (every other year) for complete project information.
These documents can be found on the 4-H Project Page under the related files, or by contacting your club leader or the Purdue Extension Franklin County Office.

See related files (below) for project related forms.


Project Completion: Franklin County 4-H Project Record Sheet or Two (2) Activities in Project Manual

Must Have for Judging: Label with Common Name and Latin Name

Read all 4-H General Rules. Follow 4-H Garden Publication (4-H970-W) and Herb Gardening (HO-28-W)


 For a list of accepted herbs and vegetables to exhibit - download the Suggested 4-H Garden Exhibits under the related files.

 The Growing Herbs publication is a resource only, it is not a list of accepted herbs for the fair.



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